Perfectionism almost killed my hobby, but now am back :)

When I started mobile apps development, I had a desire to become an expert in my field and build apps that I really loved to use myself. I also wanted to blog as an hobby. For those who know me, I tend to be passionately opinionated about some topics. Blogging was meant help me put […]

Been busy on Facebook…

I am currently running a Facebook page with some friends of mine, that’s why I currently have no time to update this one. Check out Technology In Progress and enjoy the coolest tech trends. Technology In Progress – TIP | Promote your Page too Later I will be back here and active. But not before August. Haha.

Android vs iOS, who copied who: game over!

Android vs iOS, who copied who: game over! It’s been a great war between mainly users and fanatics about whether Apple copies from Google or Google just innovated better than Apple. But Chris DeSalvo just confirmed that Android was indeed greatly influenced by iOS. Essentially letting the cat out of the