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Edward Sentongo

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5 reasons why you should do a project next to your actual job

February 7, 2013 Mobile Trends Content

5 reasons why you should do a project next to your actual job.

Ever felt like your ideas were not treated like priority? Ever felt that some of your proposed changes are being overlooked in favor of cost cutting? This advice is for those working in app development and other fields as well.

I am already using all of these and I feel better than I was months ago.

1. Innovation:

While working at your regular job, it’s most likely that most of your work will be profit driven unless your work in research and development. This means that every project you do will have to be finished as soon as possible. This leaves no room for experimenting with unproven techniques. The company has to save money and bring a product on the market or to the client as soon as possible at the least cost.

If you have a side project however, you will be able to experiment a lot and come up with new/innovative tools and tricks to make your work even shine brighter.

2. Experience:

Most of us have gone through this: you can’t be hired because you have no experience and you can’t get experience unless you are hired. There’s a way around this however. Whether you have a job or not, a personal project will definitely give you a chance to build experience on so many fronts which your actual job may not afford you to. In fact, you determine your limits of experience and skills.

3. Independence:

Oh yes I love this one most. How about you were your own boss, made your own rules and your own products? Well, a side project gives you all that. It affords you the liberty of designing and implementing your own ideas without any fears of catastrophic financial repercussions in case things go wrong. Unless of course you are one of those mega spenders.

4. Reality check:

Now this is the one that I am not a fan of. You have a great idea and it finally dawns on you that it ain’t worth the effort you put into it. Well, you don’t want that to be your only source of income. In these days of financial uncertainty, it’s better to try out your ideas small before you risk it all. A project next to your job is a good option for this.

5. Evaluation of your job:

After experimenting and putting in all the hours and effort, you will finally appreciate your job positively or negatively.
This is a personal evaluation on how good/effective you can perform and the decisions you make afterwards as to whether you want to continue what you are doing or you’d rather cut and try your chances elsewhere.

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