Android vs iOS, who copied who: game over!

Android vs iOS, who copied who: game over!

Android-Vs-iOSIt’s been a great war between mainly users and fanatics about whether Apple copies from Google or Google just innovated better than Apple.

But Chris DeSalvo just confirmed that Android was indeed greatly influenced by iOS. Essentially letting the cat out of the bag and I hope that the fanatics will start talking about something else.

I am an Android developer, and user, with so much love for Google products [except Google Plus]. However, I also have a great appreciation for Apple products for their smoothness, maturity and stability.

So let’s just be fair Android fans; if it wasn’t for Apple, Android as we know it wouldn’t be here. Even though Android has lots of cool stuff that iOS doesn’t have, it still needs iOS to keep it awake and innovative.

But yeah, Apple products are way too expensive! haha